Recently I had the pleasure of getting to perform on the Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland show as part of Hit The Road.

My journey was surprisingly calm, the sun was shining and I had plenty time.  That was until the tram was delayed and 5, 10, 15 minutes passed with no sign….until FINALLY it arrived. A sigh of relief was let out as I still had enough time to get to the BBC Studio.  That is of course if you rely solely on Google maps!  The friendly Edinburgh residents gave me directions and I began running down the streets with my guitar in one hand, I have never ran so fast in my entire life. It must have been a sight to see.  I arrived half an hour late, red faced and gasping for breath – perfect preparation for a sound check.  With little time to gather my thoughts it was time to go live. It was such a strange feeling.

Janice was lovely and made me feel very at ease. I was up first to sing. I sang one of my own songs ‘Remembrance.” It seems to be the favourite from my EP.  It’s a song I wrote a few years ago after a Remembrance Day service and  tells the story of a woman who has lost someone through war. I tried to describe the scene and imagine what she went through. I know, cheery stuff.

The song went well (thankfully). It’s was a scary thought that if I had fluffed anything, so many people would hear.

Janice was lovely and complimented my song which meant a lot. A really amazing experience and something I won’t forget.  The photo you see is of course, after the show when calm had returned.